vrijdag 11 mei 2012

MORNINGTON CRESCENT - 1982 demo 1 (amsterdam-the netherlands) + discography lp OUT SOON!!!

another demo that should be released onto vinyl!
big thx to Rene for sharing a better/FUCKING AWESOME! ;-) version of this one!!!!!!!

edit: Emile just posted a comment:

MORNINGTON CRESCENT is gonna release an lp soon!!!!!!!

on GUMMOPUNX records if im not mistaken...
the lp will contain the demo 1 in the best quality
the 7'' recordings,a 7'' flexi track
and a couple of unreleased studio tracks from 1983

cant wait to hear those unreleased tracks!
for more info and a cool video ;-0 go here

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey there,

    Way over expiration date, but still shocking...!!

    The band will soon release a vinyl with all songs from demo and EP and some more songs, taped in studio back in 83 but never released since then.

    For more information see www.morningtoncrescent.nl or follow us on Twitter!

  2. hey Emile,
    mooi dat het voor mekaar is met Marcel (toch?)
    ik zat er al op te wachten ;-0
    grrr Dan