woensdag 9 mei 2012

UNNATURAL SILENCE - nuclear attack demo 1983 (vancouver-BC-canada) V.2!

...removed some pictures from older posts so i can do a few more posts with pictures...

the link was dead,and cleaned up 2 yrs ago
so cleaned it again and now its done,best i can do.

BADASS demo!!! with some very early d-beat influences,in the track Hiroshima you can hear it which direction they were heading to
too bad these guys never released a record,if this demo was pressed onto wax in 1983 it would be a classic in these days...
some canadian label should release this!
and check out the liveset from 1985 with their 2nd vocalist
it's on the melonvillehc blog (see left side of blog)
and if anybody has the 1st track of the orig tape,email it please!,its actually 20 tracks...but only got 19
yada yada yada

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you for all your hardwork! Just D/L'ed the INFEST live e.p.!! Can't wait to hear it! Cheers!

    Trade links??

  2. Hey Dan, thanks a lot for posting this amazing band.
    I never heard about them. I agree with you, they deserve a LP or someting like that.


  3. I sent mike the missing track to send to you a while back. Should hit him up about that.

  4. please send it to my email adress or dump the track in a mediafire link on here will ya,than ill finish it tonight and re upload it,as 22 track (incl the canuck core comp tracks)


  5. ILl try to get it to you soon, i have a new operating system and im still figuring out how everything works

  6. not in a hurry.
    send it over as soon you get things working!

  7. Another quality post - thanks for sharing... :)