woensdag 2 mei 2012

BONELESS - punk is dead,so what? 2007-2009 demo & practices cd-r (CA)

one of the most underated LA bands from the last couple of yrs
their 12 track demo from 2008 got many,many plays overhere.
production was a bit thin/clean in the demo recordings so gave em alot of extra bass and stuff
and crapper,it turned out really good!!!!
good enough for on a piece of wax
practice tapes are raw as fuck,luv it!
volume etc pushed over the limit (you know,all the way up to 11.... ;-0
done with the recordings,trying to make a decent cover for it tonight,so ....
go get it when done,STUFF RULES!
and who knows if times will get better in the record label industry and people start buying records again,this will end up on vinyl.....ofal demo series... ;-0 all in the future....we'll see


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Awesome band! Thanx for this and all the great music u post. Don't let the bastards grind u down!

  2. Nick from Social Sickness plays guitar in boneless. I can talk to the guys to see if they have more info or songs to add to this.

  3. Adrian,
    if you can hook me up with some live recordings to finish off this thingy would be cool!