donderdag 17 mei 2012

FALSE JUSTICE - 1988 demo (Barnegat-NJ)

FALSE JUSTICE - demo 1988 recorded june 2nd at lioyd studios

Doug - vocals
Mike - guitar
Tom - guitar
Ed - bass
Rich - drums

2nd demo will follow also but is a pain in the ass to get it how i want it....
but this one came out NICE!
if you are into fast youth crew-ish this might be your thing
to me this reminds of the UP FRONT spirit lp,one of the best old school/88 styled records written imho
but go judge yourself!
alot of people think their 2nd demo is better as this one,but in casa OFAL this demo gets way more plays as the other one,its faster,not as polished as the '89 demo,but enough talk
it's time to stick together,you and me!

[request] think they did another too before this one,and there's a liveset floating around too,anyone who has em,hook me up! thx
(and just thinking,i grabbed alot of cool NJ demos from the demotapes blog and cleaned em up,might be doing a NEW JERSEY DEMOLITION cd-r soon with a bunch of classic demos,we'll see,gotta finish some other crap first)

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  1. The link goes straight to a sign-up page foe Mediafire! Any way around this?

  2. if it remind you upfront spirit lp i try it