vrijdag 11 mei 2012

SHIKARI - live @ Vera's basement bar,groningen-the netherlands 05-07-2002 (groningen)

SHIKARI from Groningen played their last show in 2005 in simplon groningen and reunited in 2008/9

this is one of their earlier gigs in the Vera basement bar in Groningen
this comes from video,but boosted etc
is the only word i give you
never saw em live myself but friends saw em many times and they always kicked butt
this is/was probably one of the best live bands we had overhere

SHIKARI was/is:

Mark - vocals
Maurice - guitar
Bas - bass
Michael - drums

and yeah,these guys played in every groningen band before/after this
from the 80's till now,here some names...

this doesnt sound like any of the other bands
but give it a play if you are into chaotic/noisecore
and look for their records if you like em,theyre still available in some cool distro's!
for detailed info go check

www.bacteria.nl/shikari.htm Michael's site! if you are looking for any info on dutch/groningen bands,you should def check out his site,it has ALOT of info etc on it
also a groningen directory/galleries/mp3 dl center & whatever more,you can spend some time there ;-0

liveset here as 1 track,might cut it later....

too big for mediafire so rapidshare this time,in the middle you see save file to computer + a thick green arrow,press the dl button below and it should work,1st try also so hope it works...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. this is a terrific band
    either fast hardcore or emoviolence this motherfuckers rocks bad

  2. you will luv this one Mike!
    bit faster as on their records
    no emo whino stuff here!
    its from video so really raw,but i know you dont have problems with that ;-0
    up soon!