dinsdag 15 mei 2012

NERV - demo 2011 + THESE NEEDLES - st lp (iowa city)

submitted by Joe (sorry it took so loooong!)
who bangs the drums in NERV & THESE NEEDLES from Iowa City
he wanted his bands on some blogs so people got a chance to hear/get to know em better
pretty cool isnt it?
the Nerv demo is my favorite from both bands,Brad from LOS VOLTAGE plays guitar in Nerv too
these guys put out a 9 track demo last year
those 9 tracks sound fast/thrashy and with some cool old DC/CA hc influences
really has an old feel to it
probably my favorite Iowa band from now on! GREAT DEMO!!!
a split 7'' with WILD CHILD from Minneapolis will follow soon on SMRT recs,KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IT!

go check out the NERV demo here:




THESE NEEDLES - st lim. lp 2012

Joe plays also drums on this record,and the bassplayer from Nerv plays bass on this record too,which has 17 tracks on it!
different from the Nerv stuff....
sometimes punky,raw,noisy,more structured and pretty original
this is a record you need to listen a couple of times before you can judge,exactly what im gonna do ;-0
but this has some nice/cool songs on it for sure! favorite track sofar = track #4 the demand for him
go check it out
you can download the whole 17 track lp for free right here,if you like it,BUY IT! contact Joe through the NERV bandcamp to get a copy!

THESE NEEDLES - st lp here:


THX Joe!

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