donderdag 16 februari 2012

CORPSE - demo 1985 (N.Y.) first upload!

redid it,old version sounded like crap
this version sounds much better,only misses the bass intro for #8,had a shower of tapenoise in it,couldnt get it right so cut it off,you won't hear it;-0
here ya go

03-bomb cunt
07-evil cartoon song
08-stop making me mad
09-phobian cancer
10-i'm right,you're wrong
11-i'm controlled

alright folks,
first upload to the,lemme know if this works better/good!
you can play em before you download so you can check before wasting time ;-0,the vbr files sounding better as on the player but you get an idea what your downloading,thats cool isnt it?
and on the left of your screen you can download the zip/rar file ,only thing is files are converted from 320 kbps to VBR
but unzipped em and i cannot hear a difference,so all gooooooood

Rob,if your reading this,give it a try!!!
you have to select each track seperated but upload goes faster than uploading to mediafire etc,GO FOR IT!

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