zondag 26 februari 2012

LÄRM - 30 yr anniversary dl & last show ever!!! OCCII,amsterdam 26-05-2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 yr anniversary @ perron 55,venlo 2010

from  video to mp3


6 track by SEEIN RED @ OCCII amsterdam 2010

still missing a few titles but not feeling good
so here it is,ill add em later but at least you can listen now and warm up for may!

and the SEEIN RED - last show is recorded by Menno from the Bunt studios so not gonna post the video rip i did,you have to wait till the official record comes out,will sound better for sure!

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  1. links to what?????????????

    to OCCII website or what do you mean?
    lemme know

  2. Mischien toch maar even kijken, heb nog nooit een reunie van Larm meegemaakt( Manliftingbanner reunie 2008 was echt slecht, alles veels te snel gespeelt)! En Ruidosa Immundicia wil ik zeker wel zien. Kan ik mooi mijn Straight On View t-shirt aantrekken, als die nog past!

  3. 30 jaar show gepost,kun je alvast luisteren...

  4. Are you able to reup this? You are the only place on the internet that has this.