zondag 12 februari 2012

new uploads to www.archive.org

decided to upload everything to the archive,never had any problems with copyrights or anything on here in the 3 yrs im doing this so think it won't be a problem if i put em on there
just wanna make sure when mediafire get closed down,my uploads are still downloadable on the net
http://www.archive.org/ is a good option (it's a non profit organisation) donations are welcome but if you dont donate,you can still download,thats cool isnt it?
downloading from that site for yrs without any problems (video/audio/magazines) ,and most important,files are always available,to anyone,no expiring links etc...
so from now on youll get 2 links,ill keep using mediafire for so long it takes,but when mediafire is gone,you have to dl from the archive,if your having problems with it,lemme know,its pretty easy in use,you can dl a zip file on the left side of your screen,so not much will change...
starting off with the CONDEMNED ATTITUDE video,than the KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS reunion and so on...
probably gonna upload more vids/dvd's too,so diapers ready,lots of cool stuff to come ;-0


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