zondag 5 februari 2012

DEMENTED YOUTH - better homes demo 1982

02-i hate school
03-Reagan's war
04-fight your own war
05-i got caught
06-go away
07-communism sucks
08-made in the U.$.A.
09-it's not fair (Alan Robbins is a rapist)
10-assassination attempt
11-we hate preps
12-we hate fascists

cleaned up alittle...still rough,but great stuff!
and here it is after 5 days

thx to Rob kill the heroes2 blog for ripping the mp3's!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great stuff! Thanks for all the work. If you wanna see a worse blog check mine out: http://drdrunkruinsitforeveryone.blogspot.com/
    Full of 80's hardcore. Thanks!

  2. please re post link is dead