dinsdag 14 februari 2012

GUERILLA URBANA - demo 1985 (lima-peru)

Jose Eduardo ''matute''
unfortunaly he passed away last year,may he rest in peace

this GU is from '85,after this demo they changed name to ATAQUE FRONTAL
who released a 7'' on the french new wave label in 1987
this was released in '86 i believe as a split tape with H.H.H. from spain

HHH 8 songs from '86 up next BADASS stuff,cleaned up so sounds really good,but not sure what the recordings are,released/unreleased????? any help is appreciated on that one,it was floating around as unreleased 1986 demo????? but cant find any info
but for now grab this if your into raw south american stuff!

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  1. Thanks for this Dan.
    I always told my friends that existed a split tape between HHH and Guerrilla Urbana (Peru), but nobody believed me!!