woensdag 15 februari 2012

CRAPSCRAPERS - alle haben gekotzt nur ich nicht demo 1984 (berlin-germany) new link with titles/covers!

everyone puked,but i didnt lol what a title ...

recorded in west berlin a few years before the wall came down
pretty damn good stuff
got rid of the hiss,and boosted-equalized volume in the track etc...but track 2 was damaged too much to make it sound good
but all in all a really good demo!
later they released a 7'' too
not as good as this tape but def worth getting!
pic above is from the 7''

NEW LINK WITH TITLES/INSERTS AND 14 TRACKS,cut up #12 in 2,should be good now!
stole the inserts/titles from tapeattack.blogspot.com,THX!


www.archive.org/  uploading!

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  1. Some time ago I posted this demo on my blog, and a friend shared some interesting info about Crapscrapers.
    Before this material, the band put out a demo limited to 50 copies in 1984.
    Abouth this EP, they released two editions, each of 500 copies, one in early 1985 and another at the end of these year.
    The cover pic is of a massacre in "El Salvador" by the so-called ESCUADRONES DE LA MUERTE (Death Squads) in 1980, in fact, the message says POR SUBVERSIVOS LOS SALUDA EL ESCUADRON, in english is something like "Being subversive, greets the squad".

  2. http://tapeattack.blogspot.com/2009/11/crapscrapers-alle-haben-gekotzt-nur-ich.html

    1. thx for that one,gonna add/clean up the 2 extra tracks/titles and and artwork to this link