donderdag 1 november 2012

GORILLA BISCUITS - live @ this is hardcore fest,philadelphia-PA 2012 cd-r (sbrd)

cd-r front-inside

01-new direction
02-stand still
04-high hopes
05-good intentions
06-big mouth
07-sittin' around at home
09-things we say
10-do something (CIV)
11-biscuit power
12-time flies
13-two sides
14-first failure
15-hold your ground
17-N.Y. crew (JUDGE)
18-cats and dogs
19-start today

sbrd audio recorded and mixed by Len Carmichael
TIH 2012 live videos shot by Sunny Singh-hate5six 
edit/butchered by OFAL (took out some silence/talking and did fade ins/outs,thats it...)
pictures for the cd-r front & upcoming cd-r back taken by: Danielle Parsons 

big thx to Sunny & Len for filming/recording/mixing/sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& Danielle for the pics!!! (hope your ok with it???)
maybe a dvd with 19 chapters up laterrrrrrrrrrrr,been awhile since i burned a dvd,not even sure anymore if nero is still in my comp.will look and post it on some torrent site...someday....but here's the audio

or play/download here:

player cuts off the end of tracks but download the folder on the left (play/download) than right click with your mouse or whatever modern crap you are using ;-0 and save it to your comp,unzip the rar file and you'll get 19 tracks,bitrate 320 kbps. use burn disc at once when you burn it to a cd-r! or else you'll get annoying cuts...

now enjoy the tunes and PLAY LOOOOOOOOOOOUD!
coz this is a great gig,by a great band,with a great crowd.

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