donderdag 1 november 2012

MINDSET - live @ this is hardcore fest,union transfer,philadelphia-PA august 9th, 2012 sbrd

orig. picture taken by Anna Spina 


03-leave no doubt
04-be the spark
07-glue (SSD)
08-hear me now

audio recorded/mixed by Len Carmichael ,you can contact him here:

you can watch/dl a combination of the soundboard audio and the HQ video filmed by Sunny Singh

BUY THE NEW LP!!! its a great record!! 10 tracks of 88 styled hardcore,with some cool guitarparts that will remind you of the classic turning point 7''
you can't go wrong with this one.


play/download the TIH set here (note:player cuts of tracks at the end! mp3's in folder are ok)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. boring as hell
    white middle class stupidity

  2. ha ha xxx up or shut up Mike!
    did you check out the lp? it's better as these live recordings for sure,but it wont convince you either i think ;-0


  3. i checked the video...
    i don't know, but i can't stand the melodic breaks in every song's bridge. IT'S BORING

  4. it's no d-beat ;-0
    suprised you checked it out,coz the whole sxe thingy is also not your religion isn't it?
    not mine either,but i really enjoy the lp,brings back some good memories when hc was still cool ;-0
    and this band does a really good job imho...theyre actually the best 88 styled/old school band around at the moment,but that's just a matter of taste...

    but you should check out the TRAGEDY video Sunny Singh filmed,not @ tih fest but a few months ago,shortly after the release of the'll like that one!!! its gooood! great quality too
    or FROM ASHES RISE at last years TIH fest might be your thing too,same goes for THE VICTIMS,you should check out his "recently uploaded" videos,he films all kind of bands,so something for everybody...