zondag 18 november 2012

REPLICA - live on life during wartime,KBOO radio portland-OR 07-27-2012 (oakland-CA)

(click 2x on image to make em bigger)

record it to tape,print it out
D.I.Y. or DIE.

get your diapers ready kids!
coz this i a great gig,incl 3 new tracks from upcoming releases.
added a little more high tones to make it sound a little cleaner,came out gooood i think.

 they recorded 4 new songs recently... 
 1 will be on a bay area comp,and 2 on the new MRR comp lp
and think they just started recording again for a new record,so keep an eye out!
ex members from NO STATIK and the mighty INFECT from brazil and a few more...
but here's the full KBOO-life during wartime session
8 track in 11 minutes
can't go wrong.
THX to Juliana for sending the titles for the 3 new tracks!
maybe i'll type out the interview too,but i hate typing...so this is it for now.


play-d/l here:

or here:

this one will also be part of the life during wartime tape boxset /10

6 opmerkingen:

  1. hi, i can't find the song number 3 ? thanx

  2. sorry,
    was listening to it and the volume level in the 3rd track wasn't correct so fixed it,and uploaded it again
    so go for it!


  3. Dan, you know anything about this band?

  4. i know they're goood! ;-0
    demo from 2010 is their best i think...


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