donderdag 1 november 2012

KILLING TIME - live @ the electric factory-this is hc fest,philadelphia-PA august 12, 2012 (N.Y.)

unfortunaly not the complete set but these 9 tracks sound B.A.D.A.S.S. and one of the best ever written NYHC tracks is included... "wall of hate" so all good.
great gig,great recording!!!
and these guys should keep on playing coz it still sounds like in the good ol'days
dude on vocals is 47,but sounds just as pissed as at age 17/18
go check it out!

01-cheap thrills
02-fools die
04-what i want???
05-no more mr. nice guy
06-my reason
07-new release
08-wall of hate

22.55 minutes

video by Sunny Singh hate5six

soundboard audio recorded/mixed by Len Carmichael 
butchered by OFAL,only did a few fade ins/outs!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. since i've discovered this band they're always in my top list, all the songs you have included are really tight and ignite my rage!!