donderdag 8 november 2012

FLOORPUNCH - live @ this is hardcore,electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 12, 2012 (NJ)

if you talk shit,you'll get hit!!!

this one had a few audio problems too,just like the ST gig...think it was a microphone issue...but took it all a few seconds are missing so you don't hear those annoying skips/cuts/weird sounds...
pretty good gig!
they delivered one of the best records out of NJ in the past 20 yrs!! fast times at the jersey shore is a ripper/classic!
you don't have to be str8 edge to like an an edge record,its tough,fast,tight
what more do you want?
and they still have that sound live,so a new 7'' would be cool!!!
but i won't bore you any longer,GO! listen to it.

or dl/play here:

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