zondag 11 november 2012

CRO-MAGS - live @ this is hardcore,electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 10th, 2012 (N.Y.)

www.blowthescene.com for more pics
all taken by Anne Spina 
she did a great job,walked from the left to the right of the stage  for 4 days,over and over to get these shots from ALL the bands.
go check out here website!

01-we gotta know
02-world peace
03-show you no mercy
05-crush the demoniac
06-street justice
07-seekers of the truth
08-signs of the times
09-right brigade (BAD BRAINS)
10-attitude (BAD BRAINS)
11-it's the limit
12-don't thread on me
13-hard times

this one had audio problems too,had a bunch of skips/damaged parts...
last 2 days i've been trying to get it out,
some came out good,while a few others were damaged too much...bummed
so this is it.

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