dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

BATTERY - live @ irving plaza-revelation records 25 year anniversary NYC-NY october 13th, 2012 (DC)

this is a great reunion gig by a band who made at least 1 classic record in my book...
their 1st 7'' from '91 on deadlock recs incl their best song ever "i won't fall"
re-released in '93 as the "we won't fall" mcd on lost and found records.
and yrs later on another l&f 2 e.p. cd,soulforce records cd/dvd etc...
they also did records on conversion recs and offcourse REVELATION recs.
i can write more but why waste time reading when you can listen to their music...

this is DC hardcore from from the good ol' days ca.1990-1997


01-in our hands
02-has been
03-what i'd give
04-these are the days
05-brand new place
06-that'll never be me
07-go back to the gym
08-do you believe?
09-never forget
10-until the end
11-young 'til i die (7 SECONDS)

26 minutes and 7 seconds ;-0 no shit....

play/dl it here: (player cuts of tracks at the end,but d/l the zip on the left of the screen,and your ok)


Sunny Singh filmed most bands so go watch this,and the other rev 25 nyc gigs

audio comes from the video with a bit of audacity bullshit.
but came out real goooooood!!!
enjoy kids!


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