zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

KOSZMAR - polska dupa-iphone 2012 demotape (vancouver-BC-canada)

here you have the B side

6 tracks of raw/distorted/pissed off canadian hc/d-beat with all lyrics in polish!!!
the band will leave for a u.s. tour in a few days/weeks i think
the band will bring +/- 25 of the euro tapes with em & think they made some sexy shirts too
so go feed em some beers and buy some crap,thx!

iphone demo 2012 (yep,recorded on an iphone,PLAY DEAFENING LOOOOOUD!!!)

they will release their debut 7'' soon on BLACK TRASH records from austria,it will contain 5 re-recorded tracks from the demotape,think another 7'' with all new songs will follow after that one early 2013,so stay tuned for news!

you can listen/buy the polska dupa 2012 demo here:

still got 14 tapes left for sale 3,5 euro + shipping cost
if you buy all 14 together i'll give you a nice deal and will throw in a few SUCKED DRY- falling apart at the seams 7 inches for free!

 (+/- 28/9 copies are in the hands of the band,5 copies are on the way to france-KFC tapes)

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