woensdag 17 oktober 2012

BRUDTE LOFTER - demo & live @ RR fest,perron 55,venlo-the netherlands 2012 (denmark)

new band from k-town-denmark!
and these guys are gooood!
they play minimal hc-punk like A.P.A. (AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ) did.
HJERTESTOP comes to mind too,catchy as hell without sounding poppy or anything
all lyrics in danish so thats pretty cool!
the demo contains 7 tracks,and clocks in 14 minutes...not sure if its on a tape or cd but it's
a really good demo!
you can check it out/download for free on their bandcamp site
and buy it! if you like what you're hearing!
you can email them on bandcamp for a copy! if there are any left????

next is a livegig they played overhere at the RR fest in Venlo-The Netherlands September 22nd, 2012 (with URBAN WASTE,MANLIFTINGBANNER etc)
Darcy Trash recorded the fest and he did a great job on this one,this set contains awhole bunch of new-unreleased tracks too!
hope they will release some vinyl soon coz these new tracks sound really good,especially the last track "ung,dum...og desperat" ,2nd part of that song is ridicilous good!!!!
go give it a listen!!!

download liveset here:

check out the video of the gig here:


thx to Martin for sending the titles and Darcy for recording!


4 song ung,dum...og desperat 7'' out in the near future on GUMMOPUNX recs from Amsterdam who also released the funeral oration demo,mornington crescent lp,commie boys 7'',bratpack demo,sick mormons etc...fits in perefect,check out his site here:

make sure you check out the 2nd hand stuff on his site,you can score some classics for cheap!

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  1. There will be a 4 song 7" out on Gummopunx Records in the near future called ung,dum...og desperat.

  2. nice one!
    ill keep an eye out for it!