woensdag 3 oktober 2012

MAKILADORAS - live @ de groote weiver,krommenie-the netherlands 2002-2005 (groningen e.o.?)

 below the niemandsland lp front cover by Marald GO BUY IT!

live @ de groote weiver,krommenie-the netherlands 11-05-2002

01-buiten schot
02-vriend en vijand
03-werk is religie
04-verloren zaak
05-elite moraal
06-misdaad loont
07-wijken voor de rijken

live @ de groote weiver 10-15-2005

10-het bloed kruipt
11-verloren zaak
12-als een dier
13-vrees niet
14-werk is religie
16-dagelijks brood
17-buiten schot
18-in eigen hand

Eva - vocals
Michel - guitar-vocals
Rick - bass
Bart - drums (2002 gig)
Michael - drums (2005 gig)

awesome female fronted metal,yep metal! THE HAUNTED anyone???
 but the lyrics are different as most metal bands,and all lyrics are in dutch and are about all kind of political issues in this shitty country...go check their website for translations!

play/download here:

7 opmerkingen:

  1. art by Marald!
    it was on their website but it's not used for a record as far as my knowledge goes...
    it looks a bit like our queen Beatrix six feet under but not sure what's the Donald duck/spongebob thingy has to do with it...
    but yeah,artwork looks amazing!


  2. It's the artwork for the Niemandsland 12" finally released by Ruin Nation Records this year, despite it being recorded in 2006.

  3. coool!
    didnt knew/heard/read anything about it,glad someone finally did it!


  4. Fantastic artwork indeed!
    Looking for and old american band: Blind Justice from Tustin. They had a demo tape called "Have Me? No Rights?" or something.
    Can you help a sucker out?

  5. pffff have to check for that band,doesnt ring a bell at the moment...when i find it i will post it...if not,sorry