maandag 15 oktober 2012

NO REPLY - we don't owe you shit! 1999-2001

another one that should have been posted earlier coz this is LIFES HALT's brother band,they toured with em,played many gigs together etc...
played these records god knows how many times,and the demo even more
this includes the 3rd version of the demo and its the best i can do,if you have dl one of the old versions,please delete it???!
the demo has some non 7'' stuff  & it has a great/catchy cover of GENERATION X - day by day at the end. can check out the demo here:

discography contains: the demo (D.I.Y) ,st 7'' on MANKIND recs,split 7'' on INDECISION recs (also available on the indecision split series cd),memories for tomorrow lp comp. track on YOUNGBLOOD records & the sk8 or die! 7'' comp. track on PIG PEN records)

and a better/full scan of the tape/insert up sooner or later,still havent fixed it...lazyyyyyyyyyyy

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  1. Awesome!!! I assume this is everything including the demo?

  2. it will have 22 tracks in total...
    demotape,st 7'',lifes halt split 7'' + the skate or die comp. 7'' track
    demo is already up for dl on the archive,tomorrow ill post the sendspace link for the whole thing.


  3. Thanks for this! really HC