vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

GOVERNMENT WARNING - live @ the starlight ballroom,philadelphia-PA

from the Y.D.I. reunion gig!
full set video
this gig was shot shortly after the release of their 1st 7''
paid Mike-EATTAPES ticket so he could film this,pretty cool gig!
ill look for the FUCKED UP set also and will upload when i found it,but no luck sofar...
download on the left of your screen when your on the archive!

CRAPPER,no player for the video,no clue why but maybe it because it's an NRG file
but on the archive you can dl it,scroll down and you'll see "other files"
than right click the 1.2 gb thingy and save it to your comp
but ill convert it tomorrow to an mpeg or something...aight!

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