zondag 6 november 2011

ABUSIVE ACTION - demo 1985 (N.Y.) cleaned!

new york state hc,or albany,not sure..not much to find online ...a shame coz they thrash out in the same style as NYC MAYHEM,STRAIGHT AHEAD,thick bass sound,13 own tracks and last is a cover from the soundtrack of the grease movie i think...will look for more info later but for now go get this

01-abusive action
02-youth of today
04-night of ecstacy
05-uncle sam's gotta gun
06-happy Herbie song
07-mental anquish
08-elmer's pud
09-my school
10-change your mind
11-battered youth
12-i love N.Y.
13-butthole buddies
14-summer lovin'

2 opmerkingen:

  1. hello!
    can you help me?i m looking for the name of a band and nobodys give me it!i recorded it in 1986 from a local radio station from spain.
    i uploaded it at youtube;
    if you knowthe name of the band please write me al my email! i m tonyo from violent headache. band.thsi is email address, violentheadache(at)hotmail.com thanxxxxxxxxx great blog!!!!!

  2. Tonyo,
    sorry,don't know em/don't sound familair...
    sounds european but thats it ha ha
    ill post clip on here and maybe someone on here can help you out
    ill post it tonight