vrijdag 4 november 2011

MOMENT OF YOUTH - 2002 studio/2003 radio sessions

21 tracks in total

01-08 released as the st 7'' on parts unknown/malfunction records 2003
09-12 released as the SHITFIT split 7'' on malfunction/parts unknown records 2003
13-21 radio session,from a 1 track,no clue what station...never find out,so anyone who has info on that one,SHOOT!

they also released a 7'' on firestarter recs in 2004/2005 ?,in that time they used a variety of dope so tracks are a bit different ;-0
in 2005 they played their last show.
underated band imo,great unpolished hc,no bullshit,just good hc..liveset is raw as fuck too so PLAY LOUD!

scans of vinyl/record sleeves laterrrrrrrrrr

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