zondag 13 november 2011

CALL THE COPS - rough mix of studio demo 2005

great stuff right here folks!!!
male/female vocals!!!,this is the rough mix of the 12 song demo recorded on 12-13-2005 (studio side only) with a badass bass sound & great lyrics
the track Paris is burning was featured on one of the WSP comps i did
great song about the heatwave that struck france that summer,(think the same happened just before or shortly after Paris in the states...Chicago if i remember correct) a couple of thousand people died in silence,nobody was aware,the government was on holiday and everyone was relaxing and the older people were dying alone at home of the heat...dead bodies were piling up and there was not enough room,so they had to build giant freezers to cool the bodies etc,saw a documentry yrs ago,crazy shit....heat,no ebola virus or whatever fucked up disease WE created...just heat...
we're living in a crazy world huh?
enough rambling
go get this,track 9 cuts...
will repost soon with complete track!

mediafire looks different since yesterday,lots of advertising on the dl page,sucks...maybe change to megaupload ....

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  1. Just use Firefox with Adblock+ Dan, the new mediafire layout still sucks but you just get lots of empty gray boxes with no ads.