zondag 13 november 2011

KARKABA - 2001-2008 demo-live-7''-lp (basque country)

KARKABA - 2001-2008

starts off with the classic 22 track demo!
recordings belong on a lp!
my favorite stuff by them...raw/rough stuff!
followed by a liveset recorded in 2005 in villatrúno ,both cleaned a bit so it sounds goooood!

followed by the 7'' and lp,also changed sound a bit coz mp3's i had didn't sound clean enough in my ears
so the 7'' had a few extra high tones and volume of 1 channel a bit louder,drums come out much better now so this is it!
71 tracks,you can call it the european answer to the crudos disco ;-0
anyone having problems with the 7''/lp online,lemme know! and ill remove those/live cd too!
enough talk...
go get it,and buy their records!!!!
lp is still available in various distro's,7'' is harder to find these days...
no myspace or anything i think,so google is your friend.


big THX to Jon for sending the live cd artwork-inserts!!
he also wrote he saw em play many times in the past yrs and said they were playing each gig like it was their last. pretty cool,must be great to see/hear them thrashing out live,directo cd is proof they were a great liveband!
anyone who knows where i can pick up an orig copy of the live cd lemme know! 300 were made so anyone who wants to get rid of it,ill give a good home ;-0

DS-13 live cd-r also up sooner or later,will be a nice one! still working on covers...

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  1. Hey:

    I have the cover of "direkto" in Villatruño of KARKABA, but I have lost the CD. I can scan it and send you to an email count if you want it. You can write to

  2. cool! i wasnt sure if it was released or someone recorded it...but ill email you!