maandag 28 november 2011

MENTALLY EXHAUSTED - live @ the dry house,morgantown-WV 08-26-1987 (philly or pittsburgh area???)

01-hunter safety
02-mentally exhausted
03-teachers in space
04-reality of war
05-you make me sick!
07-mall cops
08-Kennedy song
09-mental ward
10-another victim
11-only in it for the money
12-pitch black
13-young criminals

saw they just played their reunion show on nov. 20th!
this is a gig from the early days...
if anyone has info,would like to read it!
completely unknown band,well it was to me,till i found this recently...
GRRRREAT! STUFF!!! i need their demo,if they made one ???????? hook me up please?
here you have it,5 hours of cleaning and this is the result sofar...tomorrow a quick back cover but who cares...

good night!

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  1. Hello! I was the drummer for Mentally Exhausted, from Pittsburgh, PA. It is very cool that you found and posted this recording - it was with Fang and one of our best / most fun shows! I have a lot of shows/practices from those days, let me know if you want them. My email address is

    Here is a video of the first four songs from our reunion show in 2010 - enjoy!

  2. I've got some mentally exhausted on Reel to Reel that Jim Deitzel recorded.....