dinsdag 15 november 2011

WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED - st 7'' 2001 (malmö-sweden)

A CLASSIC !!!!!!!!!!!
when i first heard this i was blown away,16 tracks in 6:05
reminds soundwise a bit of the INTENSE DEGREE war inside my head lp (track 12 sounds like the intense degree song too)...you know what happened after that lp...band never got that feeling/sound back on other records (well the peel sessions rule)
same happened to WB...but this ripper right here is a an alltime top 10 record!
their other stuff is also pretty damn good,don't get me wrong...but this beats everything!
7'' is pretty hard to find these days
released on swedish label WE ARE THE ENEMYcool label logo with Bush with an axe
scans of cover/vinyl up soon! still no new/repaired scanner...so patience...

WSBS are


think Rodrigo was in satanic surfers/intensity etc too

01-get it into your head (W.B.H.C.)
02-mutual understanding
03-assasination politics
04-thrash unit 214
06-product of enviroment
07-shorter and shorter
08-shit city
10-refuse to conform
12-maybe tomorrow
13-widespread bloodshed
14-raise the dead
16-halfway to the grave


GET IT INTO YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah,does anyone know if this 7'' came with insert,mine came without...if it does,anyone can scan it??? thx in advance!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Yo Dan deze 7" is uit 2003 en heeft een blauwe cover met zwart vinyl (blauw vinyl=limited edition).


  2. yoho,
    retecoole hoes! (scans up soon!)
    ellende als er geen insert bij zit...2000/2001 was de sugar pie koko 7'' (= ook zweeds & next!)
    en blauw vinyl,wist ik het bestaan niet van,mijne is gewoon zwart ,maar ben ik ook tevree mee ;-0
    grrr Dan