zaterdag 12 november 2011

FUNERAL ORATION - the godsend demo lp out now on GUMMOPUNX recs (dl:pink demo '83 cd-r)

it was bootlegged a couple of yrs ago but never been able to pick up a copy,so this is great news!
their 16 track demotape from 1984 pressed onto wax and released by gummopunx recs from Amsterdam,offiicial release!
to me this is the best punk record made in holland ever! send from heaven gives me chills on my back,demented-personal thingy......,great songs! but every single track on this record is just badass,what else can i say than BUY IT !!! and don't forget the AMSTERDAMNED vinyl!!!

awhile ago i started on a cdr version of both demo's but stopped after hearing the lp was coming out
but ill do a cdr of the pink demo...tonight ill add titles to the back and than its good enough for me.hope this will end up on vinyl one day too,coz these mp3's arent the best versions outthere (someone did a horrible cut and made a onetrack of the demo...) but cut it again and tried to make it sound good,anyway this stuff rules!!!!

pink demo '83 cd-r

fixed link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey Dan,
    de link werkt niet helaas. Kan je er even naar kijken, want ik wil wel eens horen of het inderdaad een betere versie is dan de mp3's die ik al heb. De ouwe F.O. demo's en platen (t/m Communion) zijn zo geweldig!!

  2. 7 vergeten in de link...old and retarded...
    maar FIXED!
    mocht jou versie beter klinken dan deze,stuur me dan een linkje svp,vervang ik hem!
    grrrr Dan