donderdag 24 november 2011

THE SNOBS - demo's & 7 inches 2000-2001 cd-r (texas)

in the 80's you old farts had CRIPPLED YOUTH
we had THE SNOBS...
14/15 yr old kids at that time,they weren't old enough to drive so their parent drove em to gigs etc,members are now playing in total abuse. their early stuff is great,you need to pick up the demo on wax!! and on  (THX! for the minor threat cover) you can download the "Stan sessions" recorded after the demo and to me the best TA stuff...
THE SNOBS 7''-es were both released on the now defunct MY WAR records

yeah lots of stories about Matt but he always been nice to me,actually just remember he send me the recording of the 1st 7'' on a cd-r when it was sold out,mp3's are ripped from that disc,think from master coz you don't hear any vinyl pops/cracks and it sounds not gonna say anything bad about him,it was a damn great label!!!

now yrs later its actually funny,he had a link to violent minds (12'' was later released on DERANGED recs) on his site and he linked it to a gay porn site ha ha
too bad the FIT FOR ABUSE 12'' also never came out...
same for the WOLFSBLOOD records compilation (unreleased DEADSTOP,RESTLESS YOUTH/LOOSE CANNONS,VIOLENT MINDS ...) which was a label by one of the VM dudes and another guy,who was ok...but yada yada yada...

here you have some sort of SNOBS discography
it contains the last demo (i think) followed by the 2001 demo & sols demo,than you'll get both 7 inches,last track is an unreleased cover of MINOR THREAT st song...33 tracks in total!!
cleaned a bit,so this is it,final version (well,maybe changing 1st 6 tracks a bit (2/3 tracks have a few peaks,volume too high,but maybe you won't hear it...;-0
but for now

LUDICHRIST & DS-13 up soooooon!

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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey dan,
    heres the snobs cover of minor threat!


  3. My god i loved this band... Energy like only the youth can produce! I sold all of my records so I'm kinda itchy for this!

  4. thx Rob!
    their best recording ha ha
    and Dave,up tonight! finishing covers! and fixing last 2 mp3's...

  5. do you have anything from the texas band the sharts?

  6. Have i told you lately that I love you!?!?!?!?!?!?

  7. all good,glad you like it!

    never heard of these guys,but sounds pretty good,ill keep an eye out!