vrijdag 1 juni 2012

LOVE CANAL - demo '83 version 2!!!

redid it,came out much better as the other version!
one of the last posts on this blog so make sure you enjoy it!

these guys also released a great lp in '86 if im not mistaken,sound is different as on the demo,but its still an very enjoyable record!
you can get that on the system sabotage chaos blog (link on the left of your screen)
rumors were they were gonna release a dicography cd on GTA recs but think it never came out coz i never saw it anywhere and its years ago,a shame,coz the demo/lp and the comp tracks they did would make a very nice discography)
i would be happier with the demo/comp tracks on vinyl,but thats just my opinion and who cares about that lol
but who knows it will happen someday...would be cool

(still having problems with the pictures,have to delete pics from old posts to do a new one,aint working...
... so will post link to the new blog soon!)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. thanks for the mediafire link!

    holland 6
    northern ireland 0

  2. ha ha yeah i'm very sorry Rob ;-0
    but it wasnt a "real" game so...
    well probably get kicked out the tournament early because we fuck up again with penalty's or whatever will happen,you'll get your revenge ;-0
    good you got it,sended a link weeks ago to the hotmail email but wasnt sure if you were still using it...
    good to see your still alive ;-)

  3. what happenedto killtheheroes2.blogspot Rob? just see its gone,AGAIN