zondag 10 juni 2012

NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES - i saw you die 1982 demo's tape download (but ...looking for a better/cleaner rip!?)

had a demo-live thingy planned but this sounds too crappy,tried to clean it a bit but too much hiss and damaged parts also,not worth spending time on so ive got a request to anyone who has a better rip of this recording ,lemme know!
its a great tape,but this ones abused in the yrs but give it a listen,some great tracks in here!
and to my knowledge its not on the 1979-1985 2 cd on weird system from 2007...but as said,not sure...


D.R.I. up tonight i think
and this post will be replaced soon by an evil one 666 posts,so it has to be metal ;-0 not sure what,OCCULTIST livegig maybe...

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  1. Occultist live gig?? Yesss, pleaaassseee!! Many thanks in advance!