zondag 10 juni 2012

KONKURSSI - Putin äpärä demo 2007 OFAL "remaster" 2012 + demo 2008 7'' 2011 (finland)

2007 demo sounded a bit thin,so gave it a shitload of extra bass,and some fade ins/outs
sounds much better now i think
first 12 tracks were released by a japanese label...forgot which one but ill look...

the 2nd demo from 2008 is recently? released by a bunch of labels nunchakupunk/off records/crustterror/kämäset levyt records/hohnie records/äänekkäät äänitteet

just got a camera from my neighbor so lets see if i can put up some decent pics of the record tonight...

raw,fast finnish hardcore/punk like back in '82.great stuff!!!

both in one folder 18 tracks!

http://www.punkinfinland.net/  if you wanna score some good finnish records/read stuff

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  1. Yeah, the ep was released this year, and it's almost sold out!