vrijdag 29 juni 2012

PHIL COLLINS TRIBUTE BAND - your life is a fucked shithole demo 2012 (holland faaaaastcore-pv)

Mike D.'s new band after the dead of WAKING THE DEAD

yep they're dead again,confusing isn't it ;-0

but this time he teamed up with AxSxHx members to have some fun and throw up some good fastcore/powerviolence stuff.
this is the 1st recorded demo,plug in and play style!
boosted it to the max,and here it is:
labels who are intrested in releasing this stuff onto tape/vinyl? contact Mike! here:

postmaster [at] skateordiemotherfucker DOT nl

badass demo! with some cool Y2K bandana thrash influences!!!!

on vimeo you can watch the full headbangers ball video!!! THROSH AND MASH!

12 track demo here:

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