dinsdag 12 juni 2012

D.R.I. - trashing hard @ the dynamo,eindhoven-the netherlands 03-20-2011 cd-r

1:19:51 minutes in total fits perfect on a cd-r if you burn it with "burn disc at once'' or else it won't fit!

it may be a sunday night,but it could be your last night...
so i wanna see the whole place go off TRASHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!

B.A.D.A.S.S. liveset!
maybe a inside-backcover tray laterrrrrrrr but for now this is it...
all artwork/pics stolen from the worldwide web for the good cause ;-0 if you did any,you rule!
& i'll try to get a dvd rip of this gig online for download but it's huuuge,so will upload to the archive.org probably ...ill bump this post when i did...
and forget the trashing hard at the bluebird theater cd-r i did awhile ago,this one came out really good i think but here's the dl link

Dirty D.

next month they will play overhere again,go see em if you can!!!!!!!
and go to http://www.dirtyrottenimbeciles.com/ and donate a few bucks to Spike's fund! everything helps...or order some stuff,whatever,do something!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I Am The Liar
    Against Me

  2. thx,figured out against me,pretty obvious ha ha
    and the 4th is the end of abduction,made a mistake cutting...
    up for dl tomorrow

  3. Cheers. Can't wait. Still waiting for you to upload the Negative Approach gig.

  4. N.A. is still missing some titles too...
    and after a couple of days working on both sets i was a bit N.A. tired ;-0
    ill get it done
    up soooon!

  5. Hoo-fucking-ray!!!!! THHHHRRAASSSHHHH

  6. Post your missing NA tracks. I'm an old school fan. They just played here in my town last Thursday night (6/7/12). Killed it.

  7. They're still fresh and fuckin' cool. My last show with DRI was in 1986 and they were awesome. When I now listen to this sound, I know, music keeps you young, haha.... great post!!!

  8. 86,damn that must have been great in that era...
    and yeah they're still a badass liveband with that same great sound,i saw em overhere,in Hedon-Zwolle the Netherlands in '92 if memory serves correct,during the defenition tour
    great memories
    next month they will be playing here again,but can't go
    bummed,but we still got the memories ha ha
    thx for the comment!
    Dirty D.

  9. The Gig was in the Batschkapp, a pretty nice location here in Frankfurt with always shitty warm beer, haha.. They were supported by Holy Moses (metal shit) and they shot us all to nowhereland, bought a t-shirt and I remember my mom threw it in the trash, can you imagine? Well, reason enough to take off quickly...Cheers!