donderdag 21 juni 2012

SATANS CHEERLEADERS - the garage session 1984 at unsound central,east northport-NY 1984

01-i remember 7th grade
02-living in fear
03-misused products
04-we want you
06-created in your image
07-sex and beer
09-occupy yourself
10-closet Christ
11-cow palace
13-plain brown package
14-down on all fours
15-greek God
16-pitless orange hope
17-river rat
18-no where at all
19-the say-so chant
20-gut feeling (DEVO)
21-Darwin society hour
22-Audi,Peugeot,satannis blessed be
23-point of pointlessness
24-food church

more info here
website by the band so everything you wanna know is on there! history/ordering info the complete collection cd/dvd!

but to be honest...
i'm really bummed how the demo's sound on this disc,after 2 yrs of delays and stuff,expected more of the sound..BUT it has as extra the unreleased lp demo,and this garage session as dvd,and all that together makes it worth buying if you are into raw & a different type of n.y.h.c.
this is the audio ripped from the DVD/online video...
think it came out pretty good

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