zondag 3 juni 2012

HOGANS HEROES - live @ city gardens,trenton-NJ 1990 + fastlane-NJ 1991 (part 1!!!)

pictures taken by Ken Salerno @ city gardens 1990!

part 1! of the city gardens-fastlane CD-R
the gig at city gardens,9 tracks +/- 23 min. missing 2 tracks,dont have em,sorry but 23 minutes live is long enough ;-0
and you'll get the fastlane set soon,sound is not as good as the ones before but enjoyable for sure-still lowering the vox/drums a bit,way too loud...

but these 9 tracks @ city gardens came out really good also,another great HH set!

03-let's rock
05-stuck in a rut
06-better youth
07-build to last
08-breaking the rules
09-last will

fastlane set + cd-r cover SOOOOOOOON!

demolition cd-r up soon also!
will contain some classic NJHC demo's from early 80-'90's all from the demotapes blog but cleaned up a bit for your pleasure...

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