dinsdag 5 juni 2012

RAYOS X (R.I.P) - live on life during wartime 09-28-2011 (L.A.)

had it up before but these guys just released their first full length...and broke up.
record rips! great production/sound quality this time,8 really good songs on an lp with cool artwork
out now on mata la musica recs (MUNDO MUERTO vocalists label)
and you can dl the whole discography (yup incl the new lp!) on the blog of one of the rayos X guys
coladerata blog (see left of your screen)
to me this new lp is simply the best stuff they recorded so its a very nice way to go out!

but here's their LIFE DURING WARTIME studio session again,with corrected titles!
go buy the record! and if you live in europe,MUNDO MUERTO is currently touring europe,go see em live if you got the chance!

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