donderdag 20 januari 2011

CONTROLLED BY FEAR pre-RUPTURE!) - demo 1988 (australia)

as promised...
cd-r sticker and back laterrrr

unreleased 1988 demo by the band that became RUPTURE
in the last years i discovered some great old stuff,this is one of em,but now yrs later this became some of my fav. aussie stuff! ,playing it ALOT lately
raging stuff ala nailed down,drop dead and the likes
it already had a pretty good sound but tapenoise was faded out,took out the noise and boosted it a little bit so sounds a bit thicker and without pops and stuff at the end of the tracks


01-radio plug
02-royal parasites
03-str8 edge
05-you're all the same
06-bullshit religion
07-armed forces
08-rockstar attitude
11-we need unity
12-no asio
13-profits from death
14-social issues shit
16-rascist cunt
17-believing all those lies
18-conservative thrash
19-1788 to 1988
20-innocent slaughter
21-gun control
22-the only good cop,is a dead one

if this was a 10'' or lp it was a classic in its genre for sure,who knows it will end up on vinyl someday,would be badass. but for now enjoy this!

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  1. the link is dead. can you re-upload this stuff?