vrijdag 14 januari 2011

LARM - 30 years of keistad hardcore

TOTAL CHAOZ/LARM/SEEIN RED - are 3 in one of the most influental bands in hardcore celebrated their 30 yr anniversary last year,im late/slow i know;-)
it took me some time to make something nice for this but
in the last yrs i dl some stuff from Jos (bass) on slsk (still there ?/zit je er nog steeds of? )
and i cleaned up and cut up some of that stuff and made some shitty covers ;-)
(im busy with a gatefold lp cover with 4 discs in it for my own ;-0 when im done ill show off ha ha)
still working on some audio too but heres one of em

LARM - disorder @ debaser-sweden in 2006

enjoy and buy the 2010 record on http://www.waybackwhenrecords.com/
president Ronny WBW does vocals in this LARM liveset set too! didnt know he could sing/scream, but awesome to find out 5 yrs later ;-0
LARM on myspace - www.myspace.com/laumlrm
oh yeah class war is a cover i think but i dont know from what band ...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. It's originally from The Dils!

  2. Hey you (who's doing this blog anyway?)
    You knicked the flyer from
    They've played a few times for us (so did Seein'Red). Have a look on our blog.

  3. Brob,
    Danny 35 yrs old,so not old enough to be there at that time unfortunaly;-)
    so it's cool we can read some stories of how things were back in the 80's,especially about the dutch/belgian hc-punk scene,
    there's still not much to find online so the smurf punx site is a nice welcome!
    keep up the good work