donderdag 13 januari 2011

PISTACHE BV - cowpact disc demo 1982 CLEANED! (holland hc)

their tracks from the split tape with ETON CROP,if anyone has their tracks of that split tape,hook me up!????
this is punky stuff but pretty damn good
Koos H. is my favorite track,track is about a dude who killed 3 girls in the 80's and recently back in the news again coz some journalist and a old friend of that guy made hidden camera recordings of their talks in prison,he never confessed so they were trying to get a confession from him
pretty fucked up story,duded killed 3 young girls/women
and is wacthing porn with young girls in jail,while hes a sexual predator ? can you believe it?
doing time in holland is a vacation
but im gonna stop writing and uploading more ;-)

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