donderdag 13 januari 2011

MORIBUND YOUTH - turk hardcore demo's cd-r '91-'92 (instanbul-turkey) CLEANED!

i don't know many bands from turkey,MY,VAE VICTIS,ULTIMATE BLOWUP and i thought ASK IT WHY is from turkey too
vae victis 7'' is on my want list for a long time but dont expect to get it ever,but if someone on here has it and wants to trade/sell it,lemme know!
back to MY ,the first demo is the best imho but the '92 is not bad either both great demos from a country you dont expect
2nd demo came out better coz the first had alot of tapenoise,but as usual PLAY LOOOOOOOUD!!!!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ugh! strange feeling to see this. cheers for the work. there's some live stuff found on internet here:
    maybe you also know turmoil (same boys):

    vae victis with 7" is not the one from turkey but u$a.

    ultimate blowup kicks ass.

    tay mxyx hahaha

  2. link is dead. can You upload again please? thanks in advance.

  3. will re upload soon,gonna redo it!

    and im pretty sure the vae victis im talking about is from turkey,or does the the u.s. band sings in turkish?? pretty sure it are different bands...


  4. ahoy! vae victis (turkey) in 2001 released one demo cdr named "altta kalanın canı çıksın!"
    enjoy some unrlsd raw moribund youth here: