zondag 16 januari 2011

INSURRECTION - comfort of a cage demo 1984 (perth-australia)

male-female fronted stuff from perth-australia!

in 40% Lydia does the vocals and Mat does vox in the other 60% of the songs while Lydia handles the guitar,im a sucker for good fem. vocals so i prefer the tracks were Lydia sings,the 200 song gives me chills on my back ,title track has dual vocals,awseome too!

ill try to make a nice back cover for this one,and type out the lyrics again so everyone can read it ;-)

think it came from another blog an aussie one,ill look for the url!

and maybe another version soon,still not 100% satisfied how it sounds...but good for now

original tape insert included in the folder,but too big,they wont load ;-/

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  1. Hi Dan,
    Too much music at once! I agree with you about this demo, the fem. vocal is 100% great! Reminds me a french punk band in the 80's called Pariapunk. Thx for all that stuff, cheers!