zaterdag 15 januari 2011

CRUMBSUCKERS - live @ SCUM,katwijk-the netherlands-europe 1988 cd-r

almost done but got too much cover stuff i still have to finish
so ill upload it now or else it would take forever ;-)
this took me some time to get it right,and still not sure if it sounds right
story is,d-loaded this on slsk from someone (infester-where are you dude? )
but the speed was too slow,it sounded like it was a record playing at 33 rpm when it should have been 45 rpm
with some stupid luck and pushing some buttons in audacity i could change speed,so this sound awhole lot different,set is +/- 10 minutes shorter ha ha but i think it should sound something like this
made a second folder with 3 tracks i'm not putting/playing
2 newer songs with some nice parts but horrible singin ;-0 and a track that wasnt complete/bad end cut
but included in the folder so you can add em if you want
anyway,have fun with it
MUCKY PUP @ scum sooooooooooon!

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