dinsdag 18 januari 2011

GAZPACHO - the demo 1998/memories for tomorrow comp track

Isaiah - vocals
Paul - guitar
Jaime - bass
Noel - drums

the demo 7'' was released on HEADLINE recs from L.A. in december 2000 as part of the single collection
in a lim. one time pressing of 300
many yrs after it came out i was able to score a copy on vinyl,but still looking for the 2nd and 3rd demo,never released on vinyl but if someone has the mp3's i would luv to hear em
for those who don't know em
they we're from CA,and shared a member with lifes halt at that time ,i think it was Noel
they play fast but melodic/youthfull oldschool/youthcrew
hard to pin down their sound but its catchy as hell,luv that record.

track 6 is their track from the memories of tomorrow compilation lp/cd that was released by youngblood recs

and tommorrow my new all in one inkjet printer should arrive so finally can put up some scans of records and the decks i painted
gazpacho cover will be one of em,so check back laterrrrrrrrr

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  1. Hey man,
    I got the 2nd demo if you want it, email me at jsanitate@gmail.com