donderdag 20 januari 2011

INDIREKT - live @ Hans Engel memorial 2003 video

a response to Jos post on distortiontodeafness ;-)
saw it was Anneke's birthday a few days ago so this might be nice too

format: AVI - size: +/_ 100 mb - quality: B- length +/-15 min.

quality could be better ,but this is still a great video! on youtube there are a few cut up clips of this short set,but won't post link coz YOUTUBE SUCKS! the assholes terminated (yeah what a word huh) my account coz i was violation some reagan youth copy rights????? had 3 clips uploaded,3 yrs ago! ??? and now whoop,everything gone,few yrs uploading,fuckers! im pissed ha ha

but we were posting an indirekt video here so...
they played this short gig (6 songs?) as a memorial for their murdered friend Hans Engel,this gig took place in hoorn 2003
more info on venue soon

buy the "total warpath" 2cd from them here,incl 5 new recorded tracks! huge booklet etc! everything they've done + live melkweg '87 tracks!

maybe ill put up some livesets soon! audio!

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