zondag 16 januari 2011

FATE UNKNOWN & THE ALLIED - i estimated your worth today CLEANED!

classic demo's,wanna redo the ALLIED but its sounds way better as the orig mp3's so have fun!
fate unknown were from detroit,not sure about the allied...but will look for info
FATE UNKNOWN (when you play loud you hear some annoying sounds from removing the hiss,but couldnt get rid of it,the bass sound changed too much so it sounded bad so ill try another rip this week,maybe that one will turn out better...but YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL right ;-)

just read on their facebook page a 7'' will be released in spring 2011,now let's all hope it will be the '81 demo;-)
WTF ill redo both,its been months ago,sure i can get it better now,so better version up sooner or later...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. wow - i 'created' the I Estimated Your Worth Today
    comp about 7 years ago from the demos and sold only a couple online - there may actually be only
    2 with the covers in existence but it's great that
    it still shows up on people's sites - i have the
    full Allied practice demo (I think it's 10 songs)
    + the Fate Unknown demo if you want to do better rips i can upload them for you

  2. hey there,
    that would be badass!!!!!!
    ill try to make a nice back for it too ;-)
    you can send em to my email,or lemme know where i can dl em and ill put em on here asap ;-)
    hope both will end up on vinyl someday..
    hear ya