dinsdag 3 juli 2012

SESAMZAAD - wie sesamzaad zaait,zal storm oogsten demo '85 (holland hc-punk)

awesome dutch hardcore-punk with a great bass sound!
they we're also on the holland hardcore tapes released by Jos-LÁRM/SEEIN RED/DISTORTION TO DEAFNESS blog) and friends in the early 80's
these recordings sound better,but try to clean up those holland hc recordings too,but laterrrrrrrrr

this one was requested by Marcelo,promised to put it up after the mets stuff but as always things got delayed...so quickly (well not exactly) finishing this one...
and yup,it was on here before,but a year ago and butchered it!

so...here it is again,VERSION 2!!!

play/download VBR mp3 here:

recommending the 320 kbps...but up to you...

after this you can all suck it for awhile! my white ass needs a tan,i need to get outside...

9 opmerkingen:

  1. they were on the great V/A Hollands HC 2nd attack tape from 84' with other great bands like Pandemonium,Asperity's,C.K.N.,Indirekt
    and Funeral Oration.

  2. you are right! baaaaaad memory ;-)
    thx for the reminder!

  3. what if i scream maniacally for a burn nyhc live at cbgbs post? only satan know how i need (my nerdy urges at least!) those unrelased tracks .. Cheers man,im going on vacation as well,old people need to rest ;)!

  4. you are right Ben,
    but i hate to wait too so ill do you & the others a favor...


  5. Hi Dan! Hoe gaat het?
    It's amazing that I am discovering great old school Dutch bands all the time, and your blog is always a reference to me.

    BTW! Are there enclosed on these file the SESAMZAAD songs from V/A Hollands HC?

    Dank je veel!

  6. hey Marcelo,
    things can always be better ;-0
    but really nice to hear you found some "new" dutch bands on here
    that's the whole idea behind this blog,and keeps it going
    there are still lots of great hc-punk bands to discover,even for "old" farts like us ha ha
    and about the HOLLAND HC COMP tracks by SESAMZAAD,
    those are NOT included!
    only the 7 song demo from '85
    holland hc comp. tracks will follow soon!

    thx for your comment and take care!

  7. Yeah Dan!
    I agree with you. Fortunately, our discovery of "new" bands will never end, mate.

    It'll be great when you have free time to post the Holland HC trax.

    BTW, I played in some bands that I think maybe you like. Can I send some mp3 for your e-mail?

    BTW II, do/did you have a band?


  8. yeah,next 10 days the weather is shitty overhere so probably will get bored ;-0
    ill upload em soon!
    and yeah send over those mp3's! always in for some brazilian tunes
    i tried to play guitar at age 15 or something,that didnt work out the way i hoped,the neighbord didnt liked it either lol,think sold guitar 5 yrs ago or something,coz me playing guitar/in a band aint gonna happen in this life ha ha
    try to put it up asap!

    take care and waiting for those mp3's!

  9. Hi Dan,
    I've sent you some songs from my 1st band, MAHOGANY.
    Did you hear that?

    Take care